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S100 (S110)

Small and exquisite shape brings you the enjoyment of the beauty , whilst enabling you enjoy the life with speed and share worldwide splendidness, is the best choice of being placed at home or office.

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Series Smart Nano
Dimension 190(W) x 135(D) x 38(H)mm
Processors Supported Bay Trail-D J1800(J1900)
Chipset N/A
Memory Supported DDR3L1333 up to 8GB/SO-DIMM x1
VGA Graphics Intel HD Graphics Support DX11
Storage Interface 1x SATA 2 for 2.5"HDD/SSD 1x mSATA SSD(Mini PCIe Slot)
LAN 10/100/1000 Lan With Dash
Front I/O Power-On button
2 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 3.0
1 x Mic in
1 x Headphone
Back I/O 1 x DC-IN
2 x USB 2.0
1 x VGA port
1 x HDMI port
1 x Gigabit Ethernet port


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Tech Support

File Description Version Size Updated Date
S100 (S110) Release BIOS E51F1P02_X64 8.46MB 2/5/2015
S100 (S110) Release BIOS E51F1P01 16.3MB 2/5/2015
File Description Version Size Updated Date
S100 (S110) Chipset Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 12MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) LAN Driver for win8.1 8.30.328.2014 17.9MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) LAN Driver for win7(bit) 7.83.328.2014 17.9MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) Audio Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 216MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) USB3.0 Driver for win7(64bit) 5.16MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) WiFi Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 2013.2.0506.2014 122MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) TXE Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 34.3MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) TXEpatch Driver for win7(64bit) 1.45MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) HUAWEI3G Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 5.25MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) HUAWEI4G Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 13.9MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) VGA Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 218MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) Framework Driver for win8.1&win7(64bit) 198MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) MBI Driver for win8.1&win8 2.12MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) MBIDriver for win8.1&win8 2.12MB 2/6/2015
File Description Version Size Updated Date
S100 (S110) User Manual V1.0 1.71MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) How To Initial Huawei 4G Module ME909u 66.9MB 3/30/2015
File Description Version Size Updated Date
S100 (S110) Norton 2013 193MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) FOX_WINFLASH 5.80MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) Adobe 26.1MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) BCU 6.51MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) Microsoft 33.6MB 2/6/2015
S100 (S110) Splashtop_Connect 40.6MB 2/6/2015

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