Foxconn completes logistics transfer to Avnet in Europe

Efficiency in product distribution is essential in an increasingly competitive world. When entering the channel business in 2004, Foxconn started to service customers from their own warehouse opened in The Netherlands. Facing rising logistics costs, Foxconn realised that running their own warehouse and logistics was not the most efficient way to bring their products to market.

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Avnet has been a distribution partner of Foxconn for over 2 years and is a specialist in pan-European logistics. Starting from 1st July 2010, Avnet became the logistic partner for Foxconn in Europe and now handles the supply chain from factory to customer via their massive facility in Belgium. The transition of all operations to Avnet is now successfully completed, including order processing and customer credit facilities.

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Foxconn has developed a process through which it can set and manage the channel pricing structure across Europe. This enables Avnet and local distributors in each country to compete on the same level. Foxconn has taken care to ensure that their direct customers continue to receive the same benefits from Foxconn with Avnet providing fulfilment and finance.